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We are at 57 Beeville Road in Petrie - Northside of Brisbane

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Wednesday to Friday 9 - 4 Please call ahead on 3285 5724

           Accurate Instrument Servicing Pty Ltd ABN 67 010 985 707

We repair and service all Camera Brands including:

Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fujifilm, Sony, Kodak, Casio, Leica, Olympus, Panasonic and many others.


Camera Repair & Service

With over 36 years of experience in the Camera Repair Business we pride ourselves on successfully delivering quality camera and lens repairs and service.

  • We have extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of many camera models.
  • We are up-to-date with the latest digital technologies.
  • We utilise the latest software and methods imperative to our repair business.

All repairs are backed up with a six months guarantee and are done on our premises.

Mail Orders are welcome, for details click here

Please note: We do not repair Video cameras.

Print out our Repair Form (70Kb PDF)

Lens Repair & Service

We specialise in Lens repairs, complete cleaning and also fungus removal. This includes professional and zoom lenses.

We have an unique method of cleaning lenses to ensure they are sparkly clean and completely dust free (antistatic).

Lens calibration Service is available.

We offer a Lens Calibration Service (software based) depending on brand and models. Please contact us for more details.






Sensor image

  Sensor Cleaning   -

Same Day Service is available

We offer a Same Day Service to clean the Sensor in your Digital SLR Camera

Deliver your camera before 11:00 am and you can pick it up after 3:00 pm (by prior arrangement - please call us).

We do more then just cleaning the Sensor, our service includes cleaning the whole of the inside of the Mirror Box, the Mirror itself, the Focusing Screen (inside and outside) and the AF Sub-Mirror. N.B. Our Sensor cleaning is done by wet method, not dry swabbing.

Always ring us for this service before you bring your camera in, to make sure we can fit in your job on the day. Cost incl. GST is $ 154.00.

How to check your Sensor for dust

Before we commence cleaning the sensor in your camera, we will take a test image with your camera to record and store the condition of the sensor as the camera was delivered to our workshop. We will also record and store a test image of the sensor as the final step of the cleaning and testing process.

These images (in digital form) are available for the customer on request. We are happy to show them to you when you collect your camera (providing computer access is available at the time).

We can only guarantee that the sensor (low pass filter) surface is free of dust, particles and smears at the time the camera leaves our workshop. We cannot guarantee that new or loose particles residing in other parts of the camera (for example between the shutter blades) will not end up on the sensor once it leaves our workshop.

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Quotes & Insurance Quotes

Assessment Policy and Fees

Bring your camera equipment to our workshop. We will endeavor to estimate the cost of repair/service right there and then for you, this is a free service.
If we have to dismantle the equipment to quote, a quote fee of $110.00 or $220.00 (depending on equipment) applies. This fee is NOT payable if you go ahead with the job, only if you decide not to proceed with the job. Quotes and Estimates by Phone or E-mail are not available.

Each job is looked at individually, irrespective if we have seen similar problems before. This is where we use our experience to pinpoint the problem and make sure we give you a fair and correct quote.

We simply don't give "guesstimates / ball part figures / roughly / maximum / you must have seen this before/ etc. etc." In business since 1984, we have found this is the only way for us to quote/estimate repairs & service and we will not change our Quote Policy.

Internet Forums offer many solutions and opinions. Most of those opinions are written by persons who try to be helpful but are most the times only partially or not correct at all.
We, as Professionals, never take notice nor accept these opinions; we exclusively use our training and experience.

If you are unable to bring your item in, just post or courier it to us with a description of the problem and your contact details (download our Repair Form) and we will get back to you with an estimate. This is not a free service and attracts a Quote fee of $110.00 or $220.00 (depending on equipment) incl. GST. Cost of returning by Courier or Post is additional.

If our workshop is not located nearby you or if you are not able/willing to post/courier your equipment to us, you may consider looking for a camera repair shop near you.


Insurance Quotes   -  Fantastic Service for Insurance Quotes

Did you know if your camera is damaged, you may claim it on your HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE under the "accidental damage" section!

- Before you purchase a new camera, check with your Insurance Company. If you are covered, your Insurance Company will require a written appraisal from a
  Camera Repair Shop like our self.

- For the cost of $110.00 or $220.00 (depending on equipment) incl. GST we will supply you with a written appraisal for your Insurance.

- You will not have to get a 2nd Quote from another Repair Shop as we are well known in the Insurance Industry.

- In most cases you can claim this cost back from the Insurance Company (Please check with your Insurance Company)

- In case your camera is not covered by Insurance, send your camera to us for a quotation to assess the cost of the repair.

All prices shown include GST. We may change these fees if necessary.

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Photo Recovery Service

We Recover Lost or Deleted Photos from your Memory Card

Deleted photos from a camera memory card or reformatted the card by mistake?

Don't worry, we probably can retrieve your lost photos!

Bring the card in (or post it) and we will perform our Magic

The recovered photos will be saved onto an 16 Gb USB Memory Stick

Memory cards

For more details, cost, etc. please click here






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about us

We are committed

To provide our customers with quality advice, cost effective and reliable camera service and camera repairs to all photographic equipment including digital camera repairs and lens repairs, backed up with a six month guarantee.

Company Profile

Our company has been operating successfully since 1984. In 1999 we re-located from Ashgrove to Petrie, Brisbane, Australia.

Our customers get to talk to the technician who does the actual camera repair to the equipment, so the customer (and us) know exactly what the necessary required operations are. This ensures complete customer satisfaction.

We also do camera repairs for Queensland Government Institutions, Universities, Colleges and Schools. We are specialising in Leica Camera Repairs, including all M models and screw mount models.

Our workshop has a full range of the latest analysing computer equipment essential for successful repairs to today's modern camera equipment.



Peter working

Peter has over 36 years experience in the camera repair trade. He has extensive knowledge of a huge array of camera models including the latest technologies in today's digital cameras. He has access to the latest software, updates and techniques necessary to successfully carry out his business of delivering quality camera and lens repairs.

Peter is a fully qualified Tool Maker, he did his apprenticeship in Switzerland which was followed by training for his current trade of repairing cameras and lenses; later on he worked for Leica in Australia.

Some of his specialty repairs are: - Leica Cameras and Lenses dating right back to the screw mount Range Finder Cameras.
                                                  - He also works on multi million dollar aircraft cameras.

Armanda on phone

Armanda began working with Peter at Accurate Instrument Servicing Pty Ltd in 1988.

All admin duties are handled by Armanda. It is her voice you hear on the phone when you ring us, she greets you at the counter and books in your camera equipment.

Armanda is a trained Bookkeeper and handles all the accounts and paperwork which comes with our camera repair business.





Payment options

Payment Options

We accept the following: - Credit Cards (Visa & Master)  
- Debit Cards
- Cash
- Direct Bank Deposit





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Blog Posts


EF 24-70mm 2.8 flex problem solution

Canon EF 24-70mm 1:2.8 L USM      

Very important Information for
Canon EF 24-70mm 1:2.8 L USM lens Owners

posted 01.12.2014

Waisting time

Quotes by Phone or e-mail:                          

Before you contact us for a Quote Request by Phone or email, please read our Quote Policy to avoid disapointment!

Lately we're receiving lots of quote requests by phone and email. Unfortunately we are not able to accomodate these requests. Please read about our Quote Policy here.

posted 22.04.2015

Lens movie

Canon EFS 17- 85mm IS USM           

View a 24 second video of Peter replacing an aperture unit in this lens - enjoy!

posted 01.02.2015

For sale

For Sale:                                                             

Click here to see what we are currently selling

Clean sensor = better photo

A Clean Sensor = A Sharp Photo       

These before and after shots show the difference a clean Sensor can make to your photos.

posted 12.03.2015



We have changed our Quote Policy

Some of our Quote/Assessment fees have changed. Please read about our Quote Policy here.



posted 25.02.2017

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We are in Petrie - Northside of Brisbane

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